Your Gentleness Has Made Me Great


Psalm 18:35 “You have also given me the shield of your salvation, and your right hand has holden me up, and your gentleness has made me great.”

Good Morning Brothers and Sisters in Christ! May God pour out His spirit upon you today and make His words alive to you.

This wonderful scripture may appear at first to be a very obscure one which few people will every quote. I must admit though I have read Psalms many times, I never remember running across this particular scripture. However, today is different. Upon reading this statement by David my spirit was drawn to its particulars. The first declaration is “you have given me the shield of your salvation.” Praise God for being born again and becoming a Son of God by accepting Jesus Christ as the atonement or payment for all my sins. Secondly, “your right hand has holden me up.” Not only are we saved by grace but we are upheld in love, blessing, peace, and security by the loving grace of God. He is our sustainer. he is our rock, our shield, and our high tower from the enemy. It is the third part of this scripture that speaks to my heart the greatest. “YOUR gentleness has made me great.” In this particular passage, I want to explore the words “gentleness” and “great”. “Your gentleness” has made me “great”. The word gentleness literally means humility, meekness and condescension. It was Jesus’ humility to obey God by laying aside His heavenly body and taking upon Himself human flesh to live on earth as a man. Who would every sacrifice such greatness to become so “natural and normal”?

How many times have we seen nepotism rule with arrogance and pride? They act holier than thou because their relative was the owner, boss, or coach. Never once did Jesus throw nepotism in the face of mankind. He remained meek and lowly in heart until His death. Yes, Jesus’ meekness, humility and condescension gave God the right to lift us up. Notice again the scripture, “thy gentleness has made me great”. It wasn’t our meekness that gave us favor with God, it was Jesus’ meekness and humility that made me accepted in the Father’s eyes. The word “great” here means to multiply, become numerous, become much, become many, to grow, to enlarge, or increase. He became power that we might be made rich. he became sin that we might be made the righteousness of God. It was His humility that caused God to be able to bestow His undeserved favor upon us. We had nothing to do with our greatness except to believe and receive what Jesus humbly and with great meekness provided. This is why we can truly be humble. We know we didn’t earn a single blessing save through His grace.

A Prayer for You

Dear Lord Jesus. Thank you that your gentleness and humility to obey God has given me the right and privilege to become a son of God. Help me to walk in my humility that others might be made great by beholding your life in me. In Jesus Name, Amen!