Signs Of The Favor Of God


Psalm 30:6 “… His favor is life…….”

Greetings beloved of God. May the grace and the goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ be upon you all this day. May He pour out his Spirit upon you today and reveal His Word to you in a fresh and living way.

Actually the entire verse is a quite familiar one to many; “For his anger endures but a moment; in his favor is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” As you know when I read the scripture I allow the Holy Spirit to highlight that which he would have me know or to share with you. Upon reading this scripture, the middle part seemed to lift from the page and make itself alive to me. “In His favor is life.” As I studied the Hebrew definitions for favor and life several key words came alive to me.

First we see the word, favor. The Hebrew definition is delight, takes pleasure, accepts, acceptable, to have good will towards. God’s favor can be understood to be the thing, or the people that he has accepted, delighted in, and has pleasure in. Our minds begin to immediately think, well, that couldn’t be me. I’m a sinner and I just don’t live that good. He is probably talking about the fellow in the next pew but certainly not me.

Well friends, he is talking about you if you have been born again. Now beloved are you the sons of God. Right now at this present moment, you are considered to be God’s own son or daughter. The word has declared you to be righteous before God if you have accepted Jesus Christ’s redemptive work for you on Calvary.

Even those of us who know we are the righteousness of God in Christ, can still wonder and doubt in our minds if we are really pleasing to the Lord. We often feel he is distant. We can also feel heaviness and a barrier between our feelings and the reality of God’s true love for us.

This is why we must get into the spirit, or, to get into God’s presence so that we can in reality experience God in spirit and in truth. Every time we experience the presence of God within our spirit we are experiencing God’s life or FAVOR. The kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost . Friends, If I’m not experiencing those things then I am not encountering the FAVOR of God. This FAVOR is not earned by anything we do but rather what Jesus provided for us by His death on Calvary.

When we examine the second important word, we see that the the word life is used. It is defined as being alive, being green, fresh, flowing, lively, active and reviving. What powerful words used to describe what God refers to as life. When I experience God’s life I know at that moment that I am experiencing His FAVOR. When I experience vitality and understanding from the Word of God I realize that I am in the FAVOR of the Lord. When the presence of God is flowing and I am flowing in prayer, praise, or confession, I realize that I am at that moment experiencing the FAVOR of God. When I am lively and I feel my spirit full of joy love, or peace I know that I am at that moment experiencing the benefits of the FAVOR of the Lord towards me. When I feel my spirit, soul, and body revived and refreshed I can be profoundly aware that I am in the midst of the FAVOR of God.

There is nothing you can do to be any more highly favored of God than you already are. We can only be aware of his FAVOR that He has already given to us freely . Just think, the world doesn’t have access to this favor as you and I do. When I remind myself of this it sobers and saddens me. They cannot get refreshed daily with his refreshing life. Where do they turn when they are burned out by life difficulties and demands? Thus, we can understand why so many turn to divorce, drugs, alcohol, wild spending, and an full on effort to find peace and rest for their weary souls.

We are blessed aren’t we brothers and sisters? We are highly FAVORED by God only because of Jesus. We realized one day that He paid for our FAVOR with His own shed blood. Now we have been reconciled back to God because of His mediation. We will be eternally thankful to Jesus for making it possible for us to have the FAVOR AND LIFE OF GOD.


A Prayer for You

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for your favor and your life. Thank you for sending Jesus to die in my stead. Thank you for giving me the right to become a child of God freely by your grace. Without you I could do nothing and be nothing. It is only by your goodness to me that I am experiencing such life, freshness, and vitality. In Jesus name, Amen.

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